Nicole Lizée
This Will Not Be Televised

Katana of Choice
Ben Reimer


Released: September 22, 2017
Label: Redshift Records

The music on Katana of Choice – Music for Drumset Soloist, written or arranged for Ben Reimer, is a convergence of influences from icons of the past with new performance techniques and modes of musical expression. Through commissions, performances and this recording, Ben aims to stimulate new repertoire which further expands the history of the instrument. With this new repertoire and its resulting techniques and performance practices, he has found his way, like generations of drummers before him, to contribute to this rich history


TK456 © 2017 Ben Reimer


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> Available on 180g, 12″ vinyl and high-quality download

> Due to space, tracks 5 & 6 are not on the vinyl, but they are included in the accompanying download.

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Track List

John Psathas (arr. Ben Duinker)

1.  Drum Dances Mvt I…………..1:23

2.  Drum Dances Mvt II…………2:33

3.  Drum Dances Mvt III………..3:24

4.  Drum Dances Mvt IV………..2:56

Featuring: Architek Percussion
Producers: John Klepko & Ben Reimer

Nicole Lizée

5.  Ringer   13:09

Producers: Scott Levine and Nicole Lizée

Lukas Ligeti

6.  Lakoni in Kazonnde
……for Two Drumsets    07:29

Featuring: David Cossin
Producer: David Cossin

Eliot Britton

7.  Britton: Train Set   07:01

Producers: John Klepko & Ben Reimer

Nicole Lizée

8 . Katana of Choice   18:42

Featuring: TorQ Percussion Quartet
Producers: Ray Dillard & Ben Reimer

It truly is a stellar album of contemporary classical music. One of the reasons why I like it so much is that a (relatively) simple drumkit is not what you’d expect to see when looking for classical music. Yet here it is, and it is mind-blowing!
~Don ClarkCan This Even Be Called Music?