Nicole Lizée
This Will Not Be Televised

Dance Music
The Living Earth Show

Released: October 28, 2016
Label: New Amsterdam Records

New Amsterdam Records

The Living Earth Show works to serve as a megaphone and canvas for some of the world’s most progressive artists; the duo commissions, curates, organizes, and promotes composers to help them realize their most ambitious creative visions. As the title points out, Dance Music is steeped in The Living Earth Show’s deep-seated roots in dance, and their dedication to creating musical experiences that engage both their collaborators and their audience. The project is the culmination of three years the duo spent working with their most trusted collaborators […] and a team of today’s most innovative composers whose music dialogues with dance and movement.

© 2017 New Amsterdam Records

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Anna Meredith, composer

1. Tassel   8:25

Nicole Lizée, composer

2. Family Sing-A-Long And Game Night   14:09

Jonathan Pfeffer, composer

The Bell, The Ball, The Bow-Tie, & The Boot   13:08

Christopher Cerrone,, composer

4. Double Happiness   12:22

Jacob Cooper, composer

7. Pasturing II   8:52

Travis Andrews, electric guitar

Andy Meyerson, percussion



Like an uncomfortably long and potent acid trip in an F.A.O. Schwartz in 1983, Nicole Lizée’s “Family Sing-A-Long And Game Night” utilizes virtuosic instrumental writing in the service of absurdity, nostalgia, and the world of possibility and constant malfunctions of the electronic devices of yesteryear. With double-kick bass drum patterns and glockenspiel lines that sound Terry Bozzio in a Christmas musical and dementedly unsettling incantations of traditional camp sing-a-longs (enthusiastically sung by the duo), the piece merges the intimately familiar and the positively absurd.
~Travis Andrews and Andy MeyersonThe Living Earth Show