This Will Not Be Televised (2008, Centrediscs)
1. This Will Not Be Televised
2. RPM
3. Girl, You’re Living a Life of Crime
4. Carpal Tunnels
5. Jupiter Moon Menace
6. Télévision
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Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Rei Hotoda, conductor (#1);Canadian Chamber Ensemble, Daniel Warren, conductor (#2); Paolo Kapunan, turntables (#1,2); Erik Hove, alto sax (#4,5); Steve Raegele, guitar (#3,4,5); Miles Perkin, bass (#3,4,5); Ben Reimer, drums (#3,4,5,6); Alexandre Grogg, Fender Rhodes (#4,5); Shawn Mativetsky, percussion, vibraphone (#3,6). All compositions: Nicole Lizée.

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